Share Your Story: Edith Marie Boston Smith

04/04/2012 08:00 am

Matt Roush

Edith Marie Boston Smith is a strong, confident woman.  A proud graduate of the FSU School of Home Economics, she used her college experience as an opportunity to break color barriers.  Looking back, she remembers it as a time of fun, triumph and gratitude.

Share Your Story: Freddie Lang Groomes McLendon

03/28/2012 08:00 am

Matt Roush

A 1972 graduate of Florida State University, Dr. Freddie Lang Groomes McLendon was hired as the first African American woman to work in FSU's executive administration.  From establishing the Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocation to introducing Rosa Parks to a sold out crowd at Ruby Diamond Auditorium, Dr. McLendon has blazed her own trail of success.

Share Your Story: Kiaira McCoy

03/21/2012 08:00 am

Matt Roush

Kiaira McCoy is an FSU student who loves to give back to her university.  When she's not in class, she's faithfully serving as Director of Florida State University's Black Student Union and participating in the Student Government Association, among other things.  As a first generation college student, McCoy was initially nervous about coming to Florida State.  Now, though, she says it's been one of the best decisions she's ever made.

Share Your Story: Carmena Green Bostic

03/07/2012 08:00 am

Matt Roush

Positive and upbeat, Carmena Green Bostic's personality hardly reflects the hardships she and many others faced in the early days of integration.  A proud Seminole, Bostic was determined not to let anything stand in the way of her university experience, and nearly 50 years later she holds that experience near and dear to her heart.

Share Your Story: Augustus Aikens

02/29/2012 08:00 am

Matt Roush

Florida State University graduate and Leon County Circuit Judge Augustus Aikens, Jr. spends most of his time in a courtroom these days.  43 years ago, though, the dream of becoming a judge was was all but unrealistic for a young African American man.  Aikens received a rather chilly reception to life at the newly integrated Florida State University, but it soon became clear to him that the painful experience was a blessing in disguise.

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