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These are the stories of those who have been touched by the cultural diversity, opportunity and rich community that now flourish at Florida State University thanks to 50 years of integration, and those who helped pave the way.

Brenda Jarmon, PhD, MSW

"As a 1992 PhD graduate of what was known then as the FSU School of Social Work, I came to Tallahassee in August of 1986 and was immediately thrust into a world that was 'new' and a cultural shock at the same time, particularly since I had received undergraduate (BS) and graduate (MSW) degrees from a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) and came to Florida State to pursue my doctorate degree..."

Connie E. Jenkins-Pye

"FSU has come a long way to make sure all students feel apart of the FSU Family and diversify the University, and yet there is still room for growth..."

Dr. Robert Emmons

"I've never seen anyone rise to the occasion quite like that, and without a word. He never said a word..."

Richard L. Barlow

"I received my bachelors degree in 1949 and my masters in 1951. There were no black students enrolled at Florida State. The law of the State perpetuated separation of the races in public places and Florida politicians swore that segregation would forever be the law of the land..."

Sharon Lane Parker

"I graduated in 1952, and again in 1956, so FSU and Tallahassee were still completely segregated when I was there. Here are a couple of short tales of those days of segregation. They are excerpts from a story on segregation which I wrote for a memoir-writing class I am taking at the Academy of Lifelong Learning at the University of Delaware..."

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